Specialty Finishes

Dry Erase Paints

For when you have an idea so big, it has to take up a whole wall!  Whether it be IdeaPaint, Wink, or Fuze, Elson's Painting has been a leader in dry erase paint applications in the Bay Area for 6 years.  Dry Erase paints come in a white or clear finish that can be applied over any color.  Pro Tip: Add a trim and marker tray to make the wall look finished and have a place to store your markers and erasers.

Scuffmaster and ScrubTough

Scuffmaster and ScrubTough provide beauty and durability.  Scuffmaster finishes commonly have a metallic look and are used on elevator doors, window mullions, and entry doors.  ScrubTough is used for common area walls that have high traffic or need to be cleaned often.


Wallpaper is a great way to provide a durable accent wall.  It can give any project a classic look or even a modern feel.